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 Rajper are Sindhi tribe in Sindh province of Pakistan. Rajper is a Samat tribe

lives in District Naushahro Feroze Sindh.

 Amongst the several casts of Sindh Rajper is the almost big cast having 70+ sub casts (Parhaa).

No doubt there are so many casts in Sindh but hardly will you find as much sub casts.

Rajper is a samat tribe, its is an old and developing cast. The people of this cast challenge the patterns of life on every step.

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this page is formed by Sheeraz Qurban Rajper & Mansoor Rajper.




The occupation of this tribe’s people is forming by their base. The basic of rajpers started with the land harvesting / forming.

Rajpers are basically LandLords/Zamindaars. Each and every Rajper owns land, could be from 5000-10000 acres to as low As 5 - 10 acres, but 99% people have their own lands. There is hardly lower class, social group among this tribe, as most of the members are well-off in some way, and have not seen hard times recently.


Though with the change and time, they have also switched to the following profession. Now a day you will find rajpers from assemblies to the Government and semi government or private entities.


Life style


As I mentioned above Rajper is a developing tribe not a backward. The life style of this tribe is somehow modern. the villages of this tribe are not that typical that you feel when you listen the word village. There is each and every facility available in these villages like as electricity, gas, wide roads, transport, drainage system, schools, dispensaries/hospitals, and mini floor mills.

Mostly rajpers live in villages and look after their forefathers business and perform their responsibilities they own. In this tribe woman has a very high importance as in Islam. Not only the males of Rajper tribe are struggling but you will see females also. In this tribe both the males and females are being seen with one eye.   




Each nation has a leader to lead them, so do the Rajper tribe. The leader of this tribe is invoked as SARDAR. Under whom all the sub cast leaders of Rajper tribe work. They follow each others instructions and convey the message to their followers. All the domestic problems get solved by the leaders regarding the assessment.


Here we have a brief profile of some sardars of this tribe  





Sardar Ahmed Khan Rajper


Who struggled in the movement of Pakistan

and served as Major in Pakistan National Guards from 1947-49,

(the organization formed by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, to serve

the borders of the country along with Pakistan Army).

Later on, he became MLA and minister in Sindh government from 1953-55.

Thereafter he was elected MPA at different times lastly from 1985-88.

During his tenure he tried his best to motivate and unify his tribesman,

and made lot of development work possible to the common man,and villages

around his constituency and beyond!

Due to ill health and weak eyesight, he could not look after his affairs or,

the politics that he retired and passed away in 1997.





Is Sardar Khalid Mian Rajper S/o late Sardar Ahmed Khan and Ex-District

Management Officer (56yrs old), who resigned from service in 1990 to look

after and unite his tribesman, and entered politics.

He contested elections of National Assembly for the recognition of his tribe throughout Pakistan,

but could not succeed   due to tough rivalry from Jatois and Syeds (Shah Mafia) and other Pirs,

who had joined hands together not to allow any new comer that has a tribal and family background

as well as vast personal vote bank in various parts of Naushero-Feroz as well as Khairpur  to challenge them!

Sardar Khalid Mian Rajper in his first election of 1993 secured 2nd highest votes on platform of Nawaz Sharif in interior Sindh with a figure of around 42000 votes and the rivalry among Shah Mafia started there, and he was notgiven ticket in 1997 because Shah MAfia oppsed to see him in assembly!

In 1997 He conquested on PPP platform at the time of death of Mir Murtaza Bhutto when party graph was very lowand conquested on the order  of his Murshid Makhdoom Amin Faheem and Benazir Bhutto, contested and secured 30000 votes!

In the absence of Benazir from Pakistan the part once again used tactics and wanted him neglected and out!

Sardar khalid Main Rajper joined hands with Jatois to wipe off PPP from Naushero-Feroze in 2001, and Jatois had won because

his support in Tehsil Naushero and Bhiria.

JAtois also used Tactics of neglection where they do not consider any respectable MAn to be treated equally!


In the recent 2008 elections Jatois were once again sent back to Moro Tehsil where they belong and Rajpers won a Provincial Seat

in Sindh assembly with the sacrifice of Sardar Khalid Main Rajper to support his tribesman who is an MPA now!


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this page is formed by Sheeraz Qurban Rajper


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